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Organisations and Divisions

Within the 'Settings' options 'Organisations and Divisions' allows you to view and edit certain information that applies to the whole organisation.

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On the left the 'Organisation' pane lets you build a hierarchy of your organisations divisions, with each division further expandable into sub-divisions as necessary. Right click on the organisation to create a new division at the root level, or right click on a division to edit it or create a further sub-division. Currently this is for information purposes only and not part of a business process.


On the right hand side is various information related to the organisations licence and billing, which is mainly read-only information which is updated as licences are changed or renewed.


Also on the right of this screen is a section where API keys are created. An API is required if you want to interact with FinanSys Apps via the API (Application Programming Interface). This allows other applications to read data from FinanSys Apps and write data back to FinanSys Apps, including potentially doing things like initiating transactions, updating field values in a FinanSys Apps transaction, updating reference data or reading transactional details. The API is more fully documented in the technical section of this help.


This tab allows you to set a default date display format and your organisations time zone. This is the time that transactions will be marked with when users create or approve them. You can also set whether the reassignment option is available here, if set to 'no' this button will not appear on users forms.

Quick Reports & BI

This determines which users can access the various quick reports and BI reports that have been created. By default reports are only available to the user who created them, but here you can share them with individuals or teams of users.