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Creating New Apps

App creation consists of two main areas:

  • Creating a 'Form'
  • Defining the 'Process'

The form is the areas of the screen where you decide what fields will be available to the user for entering and viewing information. These are dragged on to the form area from the list of field types and parameters amended as necessary.

The process is defining the different steps that happen from the start of the process to its completion. This can include how many stages of approval are necessary, who can do them and whether at any stage interaction with other systems is required (e.g. posting a journal to an accounting system).

To build a new app from scratch, select the 'App Editor' option from the top of the screen and click on the 'Create New App' button. To edit an existing app click on the icon to the left of that app. You can also edit an existing app by selecting that app from the menu on the left and clicking the '...' icon and selecting edit. You can also duplicate, delete and restore the app from here as well as editing the basic information about the app, giving it a description and controlling what group it should appear in on the left side menu.