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Customising Apps

FinanSys Apps comes pre-installed with a set of foundation apps. These are apps that are commonly requested for FinanSys Apps, which users are encouraged to take as a starting point and customise for their own use. In order to retain the templates, you are advised to first duplicate the existing app, rename as appropriate and then do your customisations on this new app. Customisations will generally involve:

Amending the form

While the foundation apps have the kind of fields that are required for the transaction type, it is likely that you will want to add or remove fields as appropriate. This will be done within the form tab of the app editor. When doing this, bear in mind that if you are wanting to interact with a 3rd party system at any point via the data connectors, it may be that some values are mandatory. E.g. in accounting software its often mandatory to supply default information that the user wouldn't necessarily even be aware of such as 'journal type' or a default 'suspense account'. In such cases you may prefer to leave them on the form with a default value set but hide them from the user.

Updating the process

This is the part that is likely to require the most customisation, as all organisations have different approval processes and financial limits etc. Within the process tab of the form designer you can add stages as required and include as many steps and branches as your organisation requires.

Connecting with other applications

It may be that your app is self-contained in which case this part is not required and any data connectors can be removed from the app. E.g. the 'Purchase Invoice' foundation app looks at data from an accounting system to get a list of suppliers. If you prefer to maintain that list within FinanSys Apps then you can simply remove the 'external' dropdown field and replace it with a 'reference' dropdown instead that looks at a reference data table containing a list of your suppliers and any other relevant information.

However, if you wish to get the list of suppliers from an accounting or other system then the relevant data connectors will need to be amended as described in the data connectors section of this help file. The foundation apps are configured to work with Infor SunSystems software, however it should be possible to interact with any other system that makes its functionality available via an application programming interface (API). This will require some technical knowledge of how your systems API works and how it needs to receive data.

The SunSystems API is known as SunSystems Connect (SSC) and takes data in an XML format. In order to use this, the first step will be making sure SSC is licenced and outward facing so that other application including FinanSys Apps are able to interact with it. As it uses XML there is a conversion process required to convert the data into something that Sun can use and then to convert the data back again to the JSON format that FinanSys Apps uses. FinanSys Apps data connectors are able to achieve all of this and are fully accessible to all users who have sufficient authority granted..

Previously FinanSys handled this process via an 'integration server' which customers can make use of, but the configuration did have to be done by a FinanSys consultant. Current versions of the Foundation Apps all use the advanced data connectors, meaning users will be able to do all of this configuration work themselves without any FinanSys consultancy involvement if they prefer. However, some older customers may still be using apps based on the old integration server. While these will continue to function, if you would like your apps converted to using advanced data connectors then please contact FinanSys.