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Data Connectors Overview

Data connectors allow you to connect to 3rd party applications via their 'Application Programming Interface' (API). This means you can retrieve data for use on a form either to populate an external dropdown (e.g. a list of supplier, customers etc.) or to put data into an external calculated field (e.g. retrieve a budget or forecast figure).

Data connectors are created and edited from the 'Data Connector' option at the top of the main FinanSys Apps screen.


Some familiarity with making API calls is helpful in order to build connector, but examples are available as part of the set of Foundation Apps that comes with FinanSys Apps so less technical users may find using these as a starting point for customisation helpful.

There are two types of data connector:

  • Simple - Calls a specified URL and allows you to parse the response as a JSONPath or XPath.

  • Advanced - Multi-stage connection to allow various authentication methods and more sophisticated parsing of results.


The data connectors functionality will be expanded to allow connection to a wider variety of API's. If you have a specific requirement that cannot currently be fulfilled by the options available above, please contact to discuss.